Listened to a radio talk show on this matter i.e.Demonetisation. Guest was a political sc prof from states.He seemed to be a leftist approaching ultra left ideology.But when one is talking as an expert on some subject he should stick to his expertise and not to his ideology or listeners must be forewarned or they feel deceived.This talk all together looked like a promo of anarchist aap in India with special reference to Pb.

First thing quite intriguing was when he said the biggest loss due to this demonetisation is the loss to the economy running with the help of black money. This is the comment of an expert. Official figures claim that a total of Rs five lakh crores have been deposited in banks so far.But don’t know from where he got the figure of Rs Forteen lakh crores that too belonging to poor ppl only.He argued that govt has snatched fourteen lakh crores from poor ppl to wave loans of big corporates. What a shameful argument.Wah the poor of my country who was holding on to fourteen lakh crores.

Govt has printed Rs two lakh crores in last two weeks and he argued it will take six months for the things to normalise at this speed ignoring the fact if this whole money was in circulation then how it was black horded money.Pls don’t panic Modi has asked for fifty days and it is sure he won’t take that long to normalise things.

Then he argued that appointment of new RBI Gov was like a bolt from blue ignoring that he was working as deputy gov for quite some time.Then he said R3 was shunted solely due to swamy missing the fact that swamy puts forward a new pt on daily basis and how many of them are accepted or was it a mere coincidence.

Modi has taken a very high risk. BPL and top notch of society is not that much affected by it.The most effected are high middle and middle and neo rich classes supposedly main vote bank of BJP. But this statesman has taken a calculated risk putting his own and his parties fortunes on the altar.

At the end like many others host was able to drag him to absence of any violence so far but leading to it in case of ascendence of aap putting Pb under Gov rule hence postponement of elections. What a wild thought process but an anarchist mind can think of anything. Further stretching their imagination under Gov rule putting RSS men in imp admin positions and what not.But here got caught in web of their own.NRPs never feel shy to call S Badal an RSS man but if he is why RSS men are not in yet and if he is not and BJP needs Gov rule to place them it means S Badal is protector of Sikhs against any sinisters designs.But none is acceptable to hardliners. But these hardliner NRPs supporters of aap who chant Bharat mata chor hai are in the process of finding an alibi in case their favoured app loose in Pb.

why kejri is that upset over demonetization

No other politician is that upset with current hot topic demonetization than kejri. He is almost on brink of mental break down. First most apparent reason seems to be monetary lose which is alleged to be to the tune of Rs.300-400 crores or even Rs 3400 crores. No one ever expected such big blow.

Then Modi has stolen his sole agenda of being anti corruption. This episode has put kejri on wrong side on this issue .Since he has to oppose Modi on any issue be good or bad.

Modi did it so systemically and secretly that almost whole nation was stunned. kejri could not figure out for two days what to say on this matter. First bank accounts were made compulsory for all to get subsidies and almost everybody got access to banks.Then for three months voluntary discloser scheme was launched which fetched govt Rs 65000 cr and then suddenly this which has so far fetched govt to the tune of Rs lakh cr and may well go beyond Rs Two lakh cr and still not declared hidden money will become govt sole property may well be over another Rs lakh cr. Then Modi is coming for other kind of ill gotten wealth as real estate or jewelry etc. making him sole anti corruption crusader leaving no room for kejri in politics.So kejri has lost money and politics real cause for him to be so upset.

Too much belittling of Pb

Ethnic Panjabi media in Canada runs about 80% of time just defaming Pb. Pbis back home are termed druggy useless not doing anything. But acute bad situation in drug addiction here is never exploited like that in Pb.In province of BC more than 500 deaths have been reported due to drug over dose this yr only. Having unable to control drug menace now govt is providing safe injection sites and treatment for overdose is available on such sites. First responders are well equipped to tackle such overdose victims. many a times cops handling such victims get exposed themselves. but we r here to just defame Pb only

Kabbadi Cup

Sixth world kabbadi cup started in Panjab today. This was brain child of Sukhbir Badal. He has put in tremendous personal efforts for its success.It has proved to be a successful annual event. Kabbadi has attained laudable heights with it. Kabbadi players are now enviable in eyes of other players and are making lots of money. It has achieved one more goal of weaning it away from NRPs. It was being alleged that in garb of kabbadi tournaments held by lot of different groups of NRPs lot of illicit trade of drugs was also happening and players in absence of any strict laws were also using performance enhancing drugs at bigger level.Some deaths of players were also reported due to drug use. Now its also being alleged that some big drug cartels are busy for making this kabbadi cup a failure by boycotting on the pretext of some religious matter off course very serious one. But their effort seems to be in vain as teams from all participating countries have arrived.

kejri’s sidhu dillema

Now a days biggest dilemma facing kejri is regarding sidhu.In the face of tremendous pace of development being carried out by AKALIS kejri is in tiggy. He can’t defeat them in any way.Now his last hope is decimation of congress like in Dilli. He may get congress vote en block plus aapiya vote and he think he stands some chance of getting through.So he is hell bent upon acting in such a way that sidhu does not go congress way that party’s last hope for survival.But kejri is equally reluctant to admit sidhu in aap with some concessions and free hand. Although little chance but if aapiyas get through tussle will start for top post. Patiale wala bai can be confronted arguing his bad name and Patiala vice ghugi is too new and too small fry then there is no option left for top post but kejri or mrs kejri with sidhu as dcm.But till now no other mla candidate can raise voice fearing isolation but once elected an mla will have some weight and then hosw many Pbi mlas will be ready to blindly follow a haryanavi or his wife and then sidhu can be the rallying point for them and will be in a position to topple kejri. So kejri is so shrewd having discarded one by one any competition on national level being parshant yadav gandhi and so on. so kejri can.t leave sidhu for congress and can’t take him in for personal reasons.

Why AAP has started attacking congress off late

In last few days there is a stark shift in AAP Pb strategy.Instead of Akalis they have started attacking congress more vigorously.On the surface they are trying to show that congress is their main adversary.But in reality they have accepted Akalis are hard nut to crack.Stupendous performance of Akalis on development front is unprecedented and zeal and dedication of Sukhbir Badal for any given job is unmatchable and experience and politeness of S Badal can not be confronted by any kind of theatrics and negativity deployed by kejri and his gang.So they have kneeled before Akalis feeling no scope of conquering Pb by fighting Akalis.But loosing Pb will be death knell for AAP country wide.So now they are deploying their BRAHMASHTAR which is the main factor in their Dilli performance.AAP never won Dilli on its own but demise of congress was one major factor in that.Same thing now they are trying to test in PB sole reason for their gunning vigorously for congress in PB.



Barah Maaha

Majh Mahaala 5 Ghar 4||
Ik Onkar Satgur Parsaad||
Kirat karam ke veechharhey kar kirpa melaho Ram||
Char kunt deh diss bharmey thak aye Prabh ki saam||
Dhen dudhay te bahari kitay n avay kaam||
Jal bin saakh kumlavati upajeh nahi daam||
Har nah n miliay sajanay kat payie bisram||
Jit ghar Har Kant n pargatyi bhath nagar se gram||
Sarb seegar tambol ras sun dehi sabh kham||
Prabh Soami Kant vihuniya meet sajjan sabh jaam||
Nanak ki benantiya kar kirpa deejay Naam||
Har melaho Soami sang Prabh jis ka nihchal dham||1||
Chet Govind aaradhiye hovay anand ghana||
Sant jana mil payie rasna Naam bhana||
Jin paya Prabh aapna aye tisseh gana||
Ik khin tiss bin jeevna birtha janam jana||
Jal thal mahiyal pooreya raveya vich vana||
So Prabh chit n aavayi kitrha dukh gana||
Jinni raveya so Prabh tinna bhag mana||
Har darshan kaon mn lochda Nanak piyas mana||
Chet milaye so Prabhu tiss ke paye laga||2||
Vaisakh dheeran kio vadiya jinna prem bichhoh||
Har saajan purakh visaar kay laggi maya dhoh||
Puttar kalattar n sang dhana Har avinasi oh||
Palach palach sagali muyi jhoothay dhandhay moh||
Ikus Har ke Naam bin aggay layieh khohe||
Deyo visaar viguchana Prabh bin avar n koye||
Preetam charani jo lagey tinn ki nirmal soye||
Nanak ki Prabh benati Prabh mileho prapat hoye||
Vaisakh suhava ta lagay ja Sant bhetay Har soye||3||
Har Jeth jurhanda lorhiye jis agay sabh nivunn||
Har sajjan davan lageya kissay n deyi bunn||
Manak moti Naam Prabh un lagay nahi sunn||
Rang sabhey narayanay jete mn bhavunn||
Jo Har lorhey so karey soyijia karunn||
Jo prabh keetey aapney seyi kahiyeh dhunn||
Aapan liya je milay vichhurh kio ravunn||
Sadhu sang prapatey Nanak rang manunn||
Har Jeth rangeela tiss dhani jis kay bhag mathunn||4||
Aasarh tapanda tiss lagay Har nahu n jinaa paas||
Jagjeevan Purakh tyag kay manas sandi aas||
Duye bhaye viguchiye gal paees Jum ki phaas||
Jeha beejay so lunay mathay jo likhiyas||
Rain vihani pachhotani uth chali gayi niraas||
Jin kau Sadhu bhetiye so dargeh hoye khalaas||
kar kirpa Prabh aapni tere darshan hoye pyaas||
Prabh tudh bin dooja ko nahi Nanak ki ardaas||
Aasarh suhanda tiss lagay jis mn Har charan nivaas||5||
Savan sarsi kamni charan kamal sio pyar||
Mn tan ratta sach rang ikko Naam aadhar||
Bikhiya rang koorhaviya disunn sabhey chhar||
Har Amrit boond suhavani mil sadhu peevanhaar||
Van tinn Prabh sang maoleya samranth Purakh apaar||
Har milnay no mn lochda karam milavanhaar||
Jinni sakhiye Prabh paya haon tinn kay sad balihaar||
Nanak Har ji maeya kar Shabad savaranhaar||
Savan tinna suhagani jin Ram Naam ur haar||6||
Bhaduye bharam bhulaniya doojay laga het||
Lakh seegar banaeya kaaraj nahi ket||
Jitt din deh binasasi titt veley kehasan pret||
Pakarh chalayen doot jum kisay n deni bhet||
Chhad kharhotey khinay mahey jinn sio laga het||
Hath marorhay tan kapey siyahuh hoya set||
Jeha beejay so lunay karma sandarha khet||
Nanak Prabh sarnagati charan bohith Prabh det||
Se Bhaduye narak n payieh Gur rakhan wala het||7||
Aasan prem umaharha kio miliay Har jaye||
Mn tan pyas darshan ghani koyi aan milavay maye||
Sant sahayi prem ke hao tinn kay laga paye||
Vin Prabh kio sukh paiye dooji nahi jaye||
Jinni chakheya prem ras se tripat rahey aaghaye||
Aap tyag binati kareh lehu Prabhu larh laye||
Jo Har Kant milaiya se vichhurh kateh n jaye||
Prabh vin dooja ko nahi Nanak Har sarnaye||
Assu sukhi vasandiya jina maeya Har raye||8||
Kattak karam kamavaney dos n kahu jog||
Parmeshar te bhuleya viyapan sabhey rog||
Vemukh hoye ram te laggan janam vijog||
Khin meh kaorhey hoye gaye jitarhey maya bhog||
Vich n koyi kar sakay kis thay roveh roj||
Keeta kichhu n hoveyi likheya dhur sanjog||
Vadbhagi mera Prabh milay ta uttareh sabh biyog||
Nanak kao Prabh rakh leh mere Sahib bandi moch||
Kattak hovay Sadh sang binseh sabhey soch||9||
Manghar mahe sohandiya Har pir sang baitharhiyah||
Tinn ki sobha kiya gani je Sahib melarhiyah||
Tan mn maoleya Ram sio sang Sadh sahelarhiyah||
Sadh jana te bahari se rehan ikelarhiyah||
Tinn dukh n kabahu uttaray se jum kay vass parhiyah||
Jinni raveya Prabh aapna se dissan nitt kharhiyah||
Ratan javehar laal Har kanth tinna jarhiyah||
Nanak banchay dhoorh tinn Prabh sarani dar parhiyah||
Manghar Prabh aradhana bahurh n janamrhiyah||10||
Pokh tukhar n viapayie kanth miliya Har nahu||
Mn bedheya charnarbind darshan lagrha sahu||
Ott Govind Gopal raye sewa Soami lahu||
Bikheya Poh n sakyie mil Sadhu gun gahu||
Jeh te uppaji teh mili sachi preet samahu||
Kar geh leeni Parbraham bahurh n vichhurhiyahu||
Bar jao lakh beriya Har sajjan agam agahu||
Saram payi Narayenay Nanak dar payiahu||
Pokh sohanda sarb sukh jiss bakhasey veparvahu||11||
Magh majan sang Sadhuya dhoorhi kar isnaan||
Har ka Naam dhiaye sunn sabhna no kar daan||
Janam karam mal uttaray mn te jaye guman||
Kaam karodh n mohiay binsay lobh soan||
Sachay marag chaldeya usttat karey jahan||
Atth satth Teerath sagal punn jai daya parvan||
Jiss no devay daya kar soyi Purakh sujan||
Jinna mileya Prabh aapna Nanak tinn kurban||
Magh suchey se kandhiyeh jinn poora Guru meharavan||12||
Phalgun anand uparjana Har pargatey aye||
Sant sahayi Ram ke kar kirpa diya milaye||
Sej suhavi sarb sukh hun dukha nahi jaye||
Ichh punni vadbhagani var paya Har raye||
Mil sahiya mangal gavahi geet Govind alaye||
Har jeha avar n dissyie koyi dooja lavey n laye||
Halat palat savariyon nihchal dittiyan jaye||
Sansar sagar te rakhiyan bahurh n janamay dhaye||
Jihava ek anek gun tarey Nanak charani paye||
Phalgun nitt salahiye jiss no til n tamaye||13||
Jini jini Naam dhiayea tinn ke kaaj sarey||
Har Gur poora aradhiya Dargeh sach kharey||
Sarb sukha nidh charan Har bhaojal bikham tarey||
Prem bhagat tinn payiya bikhiya nahi jarey||
Koorh gaye dubidha nasi pooran sach bharey||
Parbraham Prabh sevdey mn ander ek dharey||
Maah divas moorat bhaley jiss kao nadar karey||
Nanak mangay daras daan kirpa karaho Harey||14||1||

Shabad Hajarey||

Majh Mahaala 5 Chaopadey Ghar 1||
Mera mn lochay Gur darshan tayi||
Bilap karey chatrik ki niyai||
Trikha n uttaray shant n avay bin darshan Sant piyare jio||1||
Hao gholi jio ghol ghumayi Gur darshan Sant piyare jio||1||Rahao||
Tera mukh suhava sehaj dhun bani||
Chir hoya dekhe sarangpani||
Dhan su desh jaha tu vasseya mere Sajjan meet murarey jio||2||
Hao gholi hao ghol ghumayi Gur sajjan meet murarey jio||1||raho||
Ik gharhi n millatey ta Kalyug hota||
Hun kad milliay tudh Bhagwanta||
Mohey rain n vihavay need n avay bin dekhey Gur Darbarey jio||3||
Hao gholi jio ghol ghumayi tiss sachey Gur Darbarey jio||1||Rahao||
Bhag hoya Gur Sant milaeya||
Prabh abinashi ghar meh paya||
Sev kari pal chasa n vichharha jan Nanak Dass tumarey jio||4||
Hao gholi hao ghol ghumai jan Nanak Dass tumarey jio||1||8||
Dhanasari Mahaala 1 Ghar 1 Chaopadey
Ik Onkar Sat Naam Karta Purakh Nirbhao Nirvair Akal Murat Ajuni Say Bhan Gur Parsaad||
Jio darat hay aapna kay sio kari pukar||
Dookh visaran seveya sada sada daatar||1||
Sahib mera neet nava sada sada daatar||1||Rahao||
Andin Sahib seviay ant chhudaye soye||
Sun sun meri kaamani paar uttara hoye||2||
Dayal teray Naam tara|| Sad kurbanay jao||1||Rahao||
Sarabn sacha ek hay dooja nahi koye||
Ta ki seva so karey ja kao nadar karey||3||
Tudh bajh piyare kev raha||
Sa vadeayi deh jitt Naam tere laag raha||
Dooja nahi koye jiss agay piyare jaye kaha||1||Rahao||
Sevi Sahib aapana avar n jachaon koye||
Nanak ta ka dass hay bind bind chakh chakh hoye||4||
Sahib tere Naam vittaho bind bind chakh chakh hoye||1||Rahao||4||1||
  Tilang Mahaala 1 Ghar 3
Ik Onkaar Satgur Parsaad||
Ih tan maya paheya piyare leetrha labb rangaye||
Meray kant n bhavay cholarha piyare kio tan sejay jaye||1||
Haon kurbanay jao Miharvana haon kurbanay jao||
Haon kurbanay jao tinna kay lain jo tera nao||
Lain jo tera nao Naam tinna kay haon sad kurbanayjao||1||rahao||
Kaya rangan je thiye piyare payie nao majeeeth||
Rangan wala je rangay Sahib aisa rang n deeth||2||
Jinn ke choley rattarhey piyare Kant tinna kay paas||
Dhoorh tinna ki je milay ki kaho Nanak ki Ardaas||3||
Aapey sajey aapey rangey aapey nadar karey||
Nanak kaaman kantay bhavay aapey hi ravey||4|1||3||
Tilang M:1||
Iaanarhiye manarha kaye kareh||
Aapanarhay ghar Har rango ki n maneh||
Sah nerhay dhan kamliye bahar kiya dhundheh||
Bhay kiya deh salaaiye naini bhav ka kar seegaro||
Ta sohagan janiay lagi ja saho dharey piyaro||1||
Iaani bali kiya karey ja dhan Kant n bhavay||
Karan palah karey bahuterey sa dhan mehal n pavay||
Vin karma kichh payiye nahi je bahotera dhavay||
Labb lobh ahankar ki matti maya mahe samani||
Inni bati Saho payiye nahi bhayi kaaman iaani||2||
Jaye puchhuho sohagani vahay kinni bati saho paiye||
Jo kichh karey so bhala kar maniye hikmatt hukam chukayie||
Ja kay prem padarath payie tao charani chitt layie||
Soh kahay so kijay tan mano deejay aisa parmal layie||
Ev kaheh sohagani bhainey inni bati soh payie||3||
Aap gavaiye ta Soh payie aur kaisi chaturayi||
Soh nadar kar dekhay so din lekhay kaaman nao nidh payi||
Aapney Kant piyari sa sohagan Nanak sa sabhrayi||
Aise rang rati sehaj ki mati ahinis bhaye samaani||
Sunder saye saroop bichkhan kahiye sa siyani||4||2||4||
Suhi Mahaala 1||
Kaon taraji kavan tula tera kavan saraf bulava||
Kaon Guru kay peh deekhiya leva kay peh mull karava||1||
Mere lal jio tera ant n jana||
Tu jal thal mahiyal bharpur lena tu aapey sarb samaana||1|| Rahao||
Mn taraji chit tula teri sev saraf kamava||
Ghat hi bheetar so soh toli inn bidh chit rahava||2||
Aapey kanda tol taraji aapey tolanhara||
Aapey dekhay aapey bujhay aapey hay vanjara||3||
Andhula neech jaat pardeshi khin aavay til javay||
Te ki sangat Nanak rehda kio kar moorha pavay||4||2||9||
Ik Onkar Sat Naam Karta Purakh Nirbhao Nirvair Akal Murat Ajuni Say Bhan Gur Parsaad||
Raag Bilaval Mahaala 1
Chaopadey Ghar 1||
Tu Sultan kaha hao miya teri kavan vadayi||
Jo tu deh su kaha Soami may moorakh kehan n jayi||1||
Tere gun gava deh bhjhayi||
Jaise sach meh raheyo rajayi||1||Rahao||
Ji kichh hoya sabh kichh tujh te teri sabh asnayi||
Tera anmt n jana mere Sahib may andhuley kiya chaturayi||2||
Kiya hao kathi kathey kath dekha may akath n kathna jayi||
Jo tudh bhavay soyi akha til teri vadiayi||
Etey kookar hao begana bhaoka iss tan tayi||
Bhagat heen Nanak je hoyega ta khassmay nao n jayi||4||1||
Bilaval Mahaala 1||
Mn Mander tan vesh kalandar ghat hi teerath nava||
Ek shabad meray pran basat hay bahurh janam n aava||1||
Mn bedhiya dayal seti meri mayi||
Kaon janay peer parayi||
Hum nahi chint parayi||1||Rahao||
Agam agochar alakh apara chinta karoh hamari||
Jal thal mahiyal bharpur leena ghat ghat jot tumari||2||
Sikh matt sabh budh tumari Mander chhava tere|
Tujh bin avar n jana mere Sahiba gun gava nitt tere||3||
Jia jant sabh saran tumari sarb chint tudh pasey||
Jo tudh bhavay soyi changa ik Nanak ki ardasey||4||2||

Sukhmani Sahib

Gaorhi Sukhmani M:5||
Ik Onkaar Satgur Parsaad ||
Aad Gur e nameh||
Jugad Gur e nameh||
Satgur e nameh||
Shri Gurdev e nameh||1||
Ashtpadi ||
Simarao simar simar sukh pavao||
Kal kalesh tan mahe mitavao||
Simrao jaas bisamber ekay||
Naam japat agnat anekay||
Bed Puran simrant sudhakhar||
Keeney Ran Naam ik aakhar||
Kinka ek jis jia bassavay||
Ta ki mehma gani n avay||
Kankhi ekay daras tuharo||
Nanak un sang mohe udharo||1||
Sukhmani sukh Amrit Prabh Naam||
Bhagat jana kay mn bisram||Rahao||
Prabh kay simran garabh n basay||
Prabh kay simran dookh jum nasay||
Prabh kay simran kaal paraharay||
Prabh kay simran dushman taray||
Prabh simrat kuchh biggan n lagay||
Prabh kay simran andin jagay||
Prabh kay simran bhao n biapay||
Prabh kay simran dukh n santapay||
Prabh kay simran Sadh kay sang||
Sarb nidhan Nanak Har rang||2||
Prabh kay simran ridh sidh nao nidh||
Prabh kay simran gyan dhyan tatt budh||
Prabh kay simran japp tapp pooja||
Prabh kay simran binsay dooja||
Prabh kay simran teerath isnanni||
Prabh kay simran dargah manni||
Prabh kay simran oye su bhala||
Prabh kay simran sufal fala||
Se simran jin aap simraye||
Nanak ta kay lagao paye||3||
Prabh ka simran sabh tey ucha||
Prabh ka simran udharey moocha||
Prabh kay simran trishna bujhay||
Prabh kay simran sabh kichh sujhay||
Prabh kay simran nahi jum trasha||
Prabh kay simran pooran assa||
Prabh kay simran mn ki mal jaye||
Amrit Naam rid mahe samaye||
Prabh ji baseh Sadh ki rasna||
Nanak jan ka daasan dasna||4||
Prabh kao simreh se dhanvantey||
Prabh kao simreh se patvantey||
Prabh kao simreh se jan parvaan||
Prabh kao simreh se purakh pardhan||
Prabh kao simreh se bemuhtajey||
Prabh kao simreh se sarb ke rajey||
Prabh kao simreh se sukhvasi||
Prabh kao simreh sada abinashi||
Simran te lagey jin aap dyala||
Nanak jan ki mangay ravala||5||
Prabh kao simreh se parupakari||
Prabh kao simreh tin sad balihari||
Prabhkao simreh se mukh suhavey||
Prabh kao simreh tin sookh bihavay||
Prabh kao simreh ten aatam jaata||
Prabh kao simreh tin nirmal reeta||
Prabhkao simreh tin anad ghanerey||
Prabh kao simreh baseh Har nerey||
Sant kirpa te andin jaag||
Nanak simran pooray bhag||6||
Prabhkay simran kaaraj pooray||
Prabh kay simran kabahu jhooray||
Prah kay simranhar gun bani||
Prabh kay simran sehaj samani||
Prabh kay simran nihchal aasan||
Prabhkay simran kamal bigasan||
Prabha kay simran anhad jhunkar||
Prabh kay simran ka ant n paar||
Simreh se jan jin kao Prabh maya||
Nanak tin jan sarani paya||7||
Har simran kar Bhagat pargataye||
Har simran lag bed upaye||
Har simran bhaye sidh jati datey||
Har simran neech chahu kunt jatey||
Har simran dhari sabh dharna||
Simar simar Har kaaran karna||
Har simran kio sagal akara||
Har simran meh aap Nirankara||
Kar kirpa jis aap bujhaiya||
Nanak Gurmukh Har simran tin paya||8||1||
Deen dard dukh bhanjna ghatghat nath anath||
Sharan tumari ayao Nanak key Prabh sath||1||
Jeh maat pitta sutt meet n bhayi||
Mn ooha Naam teray sang sahayi||
Jeh maha bhaiyan doot jum dalay||
Teh keval Naam sang teray chalay||
Jeh mushkal hovay att bhari||
Har ko Naam khin mahey udhari||
Anik punahcharan karat nahi taray||
Har ko Naam kot paap parharay||
Gurmukh Naam japaho mn meray||
Nanak pavahu sookh ghaneray||1||
Sagal shrishti ko raja dukhiya||
Har ka Naam japat hoye sukhiya||
Lakh karori bandhan paray||
Har ka Naam japat nistaray||
Anik maya rang tikh n bujhavay||
Har ka Naam japat aaghavay||
Jih marag ih jaat ikela||
Teh Har Naam sang hot suhela||
Aisa Naam mn sada dhiaiye||
Nanak Gurmukh paramgat paiye||2||
Chhootat nahi kot lakh bahi||
Naam japat teh paar parahi||
Anik bighan jeh aye sangharay||
Har na Naam tatkaal udhary||
Anik jon janamay mar jaam||
Naam japat pavay bishram||
Hao maila mal kabahu n dhovay||
Har ka Naam kot paap khovay||
Aisa Naam japaho mn rang||
Nanak payie Sadh ke sang||3||
Jih marag ke ganey jahey n kosa||
Har ka Naam uha sang tosa||
Jih paiday maha andh gubara||
Har ka Naam sang ujiaara||
Jaha Panth tera ko n sianu||
Har ka Naam teh naal pachhanu||
Jeh maha bhaiyan tapat baho gham||
Teh Har ke Naam ki tum ooper chham||
Jaha trikha mn tujh akarakhay||
Teh Nanak Har Har amrit barkhay||4||
Bhagat jana ki bartan naam||
Sant jana kay mn bisram||
Har ka Naam daas ki ot||
Har kay Naam udharey jan kot||
Har jus karat Sant din raat||
Har Har aokhadh Sadh kamaat||
Harjan kay Har Naam nidhan||
Parbaraham jan keeno daan||
Mn tan rang ratey rang ekay||
Nanak jan kay birat bibekay||5||
Har ka Naam jan kao mukat jugat||
Har kay Naam jan kao tripat bhugat||
Har ka Naam jan ka roop rang||
Har Naam japat kab paray n bhang||
Har ka Naam jan ki vadiayi||
Har kay Naam jan sobha payi||
Har ka Naam jan kao bhog jog||
Har Naam japat kachh nahi biog||
Jan rata Har Naam ki seva||
Nanak poojay Har Har deva||6||
Har Har jan kay maal khajeena||
Har dhan jan kao aap Prabh deena||
Har Har jan kay ot satani||
Har partap jan avar n jani||
Ot pot jan Har ras ratey||
Sunn samadh Naam ras matey||
Aath pehar jan Har Har japay||
Har ka Bhagat pargat nahi chhapay||
Har ki Bhagat mukat baho karey||
Nanak jan sang ketey tarey||7||
Paarjat ihu Har ko Naam ||
Kaamdhen Har Har gun gaam||
Sabh te uttam Har ki katha||
Naam sunnat dard dukh latha||
Naam ki mehma Sant rid vassay||
Sant partap durat sabh nassay||
Sant ka sang vadabhagi payie||
Sant ki seva Har Naam dhiaiye||
Naam tull kachh avar n hoye||
Nanak Gurmukh Naam pavay jan koye||8||2||
Baho shashtar  baho simriti pekhey sarb dhadhol ||
Poojas nahi Har Harey Nanak Naam amol ||

Jaap taap gyan sabh dhyan||
Khat shashtar simrat vakhiyan||
Jog abhiyas karam Dharam kirya||
Sagal tyag ban madhey phirya||
Anik parkaar kiye baho jatna||
Punn daan homey baho ratna||
Sareer kataye homay kar rati||
Varat nem karay baho bhati||
Nahi tul Ram Naam bichar||
Nanak Gurmukh Naam jappiye ik baar||1||
Nao khand Prithmiphiray chir jeevay||
Maha udass tapisar theevay||
Agan mahey homat pran||
Kanik asav haivar bhoom daan||
Nioli karam karay baho aasan||
Jain marag sanjam att sadhan||
Nimakh nimakh kar sareer katavay||
Tao bhi haomay mail n javay||
Har key Naam samsar kuchh nahi||
Nanak Gurmukh Naam jappat gatt pahi||2||
Mn kamna teerath deh chhootay||
Garab guman n mn tey hutay||
Soch karay dinas aur raat||
Mn ki mail n tan tey jaat||
Is dehi kao baho sadhna karay||
Mn te kabahu n bikhia tray||
Jal dhovay baho deh aneet||
Sudh kaha hoye kachi bheet||
Mn Har ke Naam ki mehma ooch||
Nanak Naam udharey pattit baho mooch||3||
Bahut syanap jum ka bhao biapay||
Anik jatan kar trishan n dhrapay||
Bhekh anek agan nahi bujhay||
Kot upaav dargah nahi sijhay||
Chhutas nahi oobh paiyal||
Mohey biapeh maya jaal||
Avar kartoot sagali jum danay||
Govind bhajan bin til nahi manay||
Har ka Naam japat dukh jaye||
Nanak bolay sehaj subhaye||4||
Char padarath je ko magay||
Sadh jana ki seva lagay||
Je ko apana dookh mitavay||
Har Har Naam ridday sad gavay||
Je ko apani sobha loray||
Sadh sang ih haomay chhoray||
Je ko janam maran te daray||
Sadh jana ki sharni paray||
Jis jan kao Prabh darsh pyasa||
Nanak ta kay bal bal jasa||5||
Sagal Purakh meh Purakh pardhan||
Sadh sang ja ka mitay abhiman||
Aapas kao jo janay neecha||
Soau ganiay sabh te oocha||
Ja ka mn hoye sagal ke reena||
Har Har Naam tin ghat ghat cheena||
Mn apaney te bura mitana||
Pekhay sagal shrishti sajna||
Sookh dookh jan sum drishteta||
Nanak paap punn nahi lepa||6||
Nirdhan kao dahn tero nao||
Nithavey kao nao terro thao||
Nimaney kao Prabh tero maan||
Sagal ghata kao devaho daan||
Karan karavanhar soami||
Sagal ghata ke antaryami||
Apani gat mit janho aapey||
AApan sang aap Prabh ratey||
Tumari ustatt tum te hoye||
Nanak avar n janus koye||7||
Sarb Dharam meh shresht Dharam||
Har ko Naam jup nirmal karam||
Sagal kiriya meh ootam kiriya||
Sadh sangsurmatt hiriya||
Sagal udam meh udam bhala||
Har ka Naam japoh jia sada||
Sagal bani meh amrit bani||
Har ko jus sun rasan bakhani||
Sagal than te oh uttam than||
Nanak jih ghat vassay Har Naam||8||3||
Nirguniar iyanian so Prabh sada samaal||
Jin kiya tis cheet rakh Nanak nibahi naal||

Ramieya ke gun chet parani||
Kavan mool te kavan drishtani||
Jin tu saaj savar sigariya||
Garabh agan mahe jineh ubariya||
Baar bivsatha tujheh pyaray doodh||
Bhar joban bhojan sukh soodh||
Biradh bhaya oopar saak sain||
Mukh apaiyo baith kao dain||
Ih nirgun gun kachhu n bujhay||
Bakhash leho tao Nanak sijhay||1||
Jih parsaad dhar ooper sukh baseh||
Sut bharaat meet banita sang husseh||
Jih parsaad peeveh seetal jala||
Sukhdayi pavan paavak amula||
Jih parsaad bhogeh sabh rassa||
Sagal samagari sang sath bassa||
Deeney hasat paav karan netar rasna||
Tiseh tyag avar sang rachna ||
Aise dokh moorh andh biapey||
Nanak kaadh leho Prabh aapey||2||
Aad ant jo rakhanhar||
Tis sio preet n karay gavar||
Ja ki seva nav nidh pavay||
Ta sio moorha mn nahi lavay||
Jo thakur sad sada hajoorey||
Ta kao andha jannat doorey||
Ja ki tehal pavay dargah maan||
Tiseh bisaray mugadh ajaan||
Sada sada ihu bhoolanhar||
Nanak rakhanhar apaar||3||
Ratan tyag kaodi sang rachay||
Sach chhod jhooth sang machay||
Jo chhadna su asthir kar manay||
Jo hovan so door paranay||
Chhod jaye tis ka saram karay||
Sang sahayi tis parahary||
Chandan lep uttaray dhoye||
Gardhab preet bhasam sang hoye||
Andh koop meh pattit bikral||
Nanak kaadh leho Prabh dayal ||4||
Karttot passu ki manash jaat||
Lok pachara karey din raat||
Bahar bhekh antar mal maya||
Chhapas nahi kuchh karey chhapaiya||
Bahar gyan dhyan issnan||
Antar biapay lobh suan||
Antar agan bahar tan suah||
Gal pathar kaise taray athah||
Ja kay antar basay Prabh aap ||
Nanak te jan sehaj samaat||5||
Sun andha kaise marag pavay||
Kar geh lehu orh nibhavay||
Kaha bujharat bujhay dora||
Nis kahiay tao samajhay bhora||
Kaha bisanpad gavay gung||
Jatan karay tao bhi sur bhang||
Kah pingal parbat par bhavan||
Nahi hot ooha us gavan||
Kartar karuna may deen benati karay||
Nanak tumari kirpa taray||6||
Sang suhayi su avay n cheet||
Jo bairayi ta sio preet||
Balooya ke grih bheetar bassay||
Anad kel maya rang rassay||
Drirh kar manay maneh parteet||
Kaal n avay mhoorhey cheet||
Bair birodh kaam krodh moh||
Jhooth bikar maha lobh dharoh||
Iyahu jugat bihaney kayi janam||
Nanak raakh lehu aapn kar karam||7||
Tu thakur tum peh ardaas||
Jio pind sabh teri rass||
Tum maat pitta hum barik tere||
Tumari kirpa meh sookh ghanere||
Koye n janey tumra ant||
oochey te oocha Bhagwant||
Sagal samagari tumaray sootar dhari||
Tum se hoye su agyakari||
Tumari gatt mitt tumahi jani||
Nanak dass sada kurbani||8||4||
Denhaar Prabh chhod ke lageh aan suaye||
Nanak kahu n sijhayei bin navay patt jaye||1||
Ashtpadi ||
Dus bastu le pachhay pavay||
Ek basat karan bikhot gavavay||
Ek bhi n de dus bhi hir lay||
Tao moorha kaho kaha karey
Jis Thakur sio nahi chara||
Ta kao keejay sad namsakara||
Ja kay mn laga Prabh meetha||
Sarb sookh tahu mn vootha||
Jis jan apna hukam manaya||
Sarb thok Nanak tin paya||1||
Aganat saah apani de raas||
Khat peet bartay anad ulaas||
Apuni amaan kacchu bahur saah ley||
Agyani mn ros karey||
Apani parteet aap hi khovay||
Bahur us ka visvaas n hovay||
Jis ki bassat tis agay rakhay||
Prabh ki agya manay mathay||
Us te chaogan karay nihaal ||
Nanak Sahib sada dayal ||2||
Anik bhat maya ke het||
Sarpar hovat jaan anet||
Birakh ki chhaya sio rang lavay||
Oh binsay oh mn pachhotavay||
Jo deesay so chalanhaar||
Lappat raheo teh andh andhaar||
Bataayu sio jo lavay neh||
Ta kao hath n avay keh||
Mn Har ke Naam ki preet sukhdayi||
Kar kirpa Nanak aap laye layi||3||
Mithiya tan dhan kutamb subaiya||
Mithiya haomay mamata maya||
Mithiya raj joban dhan maal||
Maithiya kaam krodh bikraal||
Mithiya rath hasati assav bastara||
Mithiya rang sang maya pekh hasta||
Mithiya dhroh moh abhimaan||
Mithiya aapas uppar karat gumaan||
Asthir Bhagat Sadh ki sharan||
Nanak jup jup jivay Har ke charan||4||
Mithiya  sarvan par ninda suneh||
Mithiya hasat par darab kao hireh||
Mithiya netar pekhat par tria roopad||
Mithiya rasna bhojan ann savaad||
Mithiya charan par bikaar kao dhaveh||
Mithiya mn par lobh lubhaveh||
Mithiya tan nahi par upkara||
Mithiya baas let bikara||
Bin bujhay mithiya sabh bhaye||
Safal deh Nanak Har Har Naam laye||5||
Birthi saakat ki aarja||
Saach bina keh hovat soocha||
Birtha Naam bina tan andh||
Mukh avatt ta kay durgandh||
Bin simran din rain birtha bihaye||
Megh bina jio kheti jaye||
Gobind bhajan bin birthey sabh kaam||
JIo kirpan ke nirarath daam||
Dhan dhan te jan jih ghat bassiyo Har Nao||
Nanak ta kay bal bal jao||6||
Rehat avar kuchh avar kamavat||
Mn nahi preet mukhaho gandh laavat||
Jaananhar Prabhoo parbeen||
Bahar bhekh n kahu bheen||
Avar updeshey aap n karya||
Aavat jaavat janmay maray||
Jis kay antar bassay Nirankaar||
Tis ki seekh taray sansaar||
Jo tum bhanay tin Prabh jaata||
Nanak un jan charan prata||7||
Karao benti Parbaraham sabh janay||
Apna kiya aapeh manay||
Apeh aap aape karat nibera||
Kisay door janavat kisay bujhavat nerra||
Upaav siyanap sagal te rehat||
Sabh kuchh janay Aatam ki rehat||
Jis bhavay tis laye larh laaye||
Than dhanantar rahya samaye||
So sevak jis kirpa kari||
Nimakh nimakh jap Nanak Hari||8||5||
Kaam krodh aur lobh moh binis jaye ahanmev||
Nanak Prabh sarnagati kar parsaad Gurdev||1||
Jih parsaad chhatih amrit khayeh||
Tis Thakur kao rakh mn maheh||
Jih parsaad sugandhat tan laveh||
Tis kao simrat parmgatt paveh||
Jih parsaad basseh sukh Mander||
Tisseh dhiaye sada mn ander||
Jih parsaad grih sang sukh bassana||
Aath pehar simrahu tiss rasna||
Jih parsaad rang ras bhog||
Nanak sada dhiaiye dhiavan jog||1||
Jih parsaad paat patamber hadhaveh||
Tiseh tyag kat avar lubhaveh||
Jih parsaad sukh sej soiejay||
Mn aath pehar ta ka jas gavijay||
Jih parsaad tujh sabh kao manay||
Mukh ta ko jas rasan bakhanay||
Jih parsaad tero rehta Dharam||
Mn sada dhiaey keval Parbaraham||
Prabh ji jappat dargah maan paveh||
Nanak patt seti ghar javay||2||
Jih parsaad aarog kanchan dehi||
Liv lavahu tis Ram sanehi||
Jih parsaad tera ohla rehat||
Mn sukh pavahu Har Har jas kehat||
Jih parsaad tere sagal chhidar dhakay||
Mn sarani par Thakur Prabh ta kay||
Jih parsaad tujh ko n pahuchay||
Mn saas saas simroh Prabh oochay||
Jih parsaad payi durlabh deh||
Nanak ta ki Bhagat kareh||3||
Jih parsaad abhukhan pehreejay||
Mn tis simrat kio alass kijay||
Jih parsaad assav hassat asvari||
Mn tis Prabh kao kabahu n bissari||
Jih parsaad baag milakh dhana||
Rakh proye Prabh apuney manna||
Jin teri mn bannat banayi||
Oothatt baithatt sad tiseh dhiayi||
Tisseh dhiaye jo ek alakhay||
Iha ooha Nanak teri rakhay||4||
Jih parsaad kareh punn baho daan||
Mn aath pehar kar tiss ka dhyan||
Jih Parsaad tu aachar biohari||
Tiss Prabh kao saas saas chitari||
Jih parsaad tera sunder roop||
So Prabh simroh sada anoop||
Jih parsaad teri neeki jaat||
So Prabh simmer sada din raat||
Jih parsaad teri patt rahey||
Gurparsaad nanak jas kahay||5||
Jih parsaad suneh karan naad||
Jih parsaad pekheh bismaad||
Jih parsaad boleh amrit rasna ||
Jih parsaad sukh sehajey basna||
Jih parsaad hasat kar chaleh||
Jih parsaad sampooran phaleh||
Jih parsaad paramgat paveh||
Jih parsaad sukh sehaj samaveh||
Aisa Prabh tyag avar kat lagaho||
Gurparsaad Nanak mn jagaho||6||
Jih parsaad tu pargat ||
Tiss Prabh kao mool n manaho bissar||
Jih parsaad tera partaap||
Re mn moorh tu ta kao jaap||
Jih parsaad tere kaaraj poorey||
Tisseh jaan mn sada hajoorey||
Jih parsaad tu pavay saach||
Re mn mere tu ta sio raach||
Jih parsaad sabh ki gatt hoye||
Nanak jaap japay japp soye||7||
Aap japaye jappay so nao||
Aap gavaye su Har gun gayo||
Prabh kirpa te hoye pargaas||
Prabh daya te kamal bigaas||
Prabh suparsunn basay mn soye||
Prabh daya te matt uttam hoye||
Sarb nidhan Prabh teri mayea||
Aapahu kachhu n kinhu laiya||
Jitt jitt lavahu titt lageh Har nath||
Nanak in kay kachhu n hath||8||6||
Agam agadh Parbaraham soye jo jo kahay su mukta hoye||
Sun meeta Nanak binvanta Sadh jana ki acharaj katha||1||
Sadh kay sang mukh ujjal hot||
Sadhsang mall sagali khot||
Sadh kay sang mittay abhiman||
Sadh kay sang pargattay sugyan||
Sadh kay sang bujhay Prabh nera||
Sadhsang sabh hot nibera||
Sadh kay sang paye Naam ratan||
Sadh kay sang ek uppar jattan||
Sadh ki mehma barnay kaun parani||
Nanak Sadh ki sobha Prabh mahey samani||1||
Sadh kay sang agochar milay||
Sadh kay sang sada parfullay||
Sadh kay sangaveh bass pancha||
Sadh sang amrit ras bhuncha||
Sadh sang hoye sabh ki ren||
Sadh kay sang manohar ben||
Sadh kay sang n katahu dhavay||
Sadhsang asthit mn pavay||
Sadh kay sang maya te bhin||
Sadh sang Nanak Prabh suparsunn||2||
Sadhsang dushman sabh meet||
Sadh kay sang maha puneet||
Sadhsang kis sio nahi bair||
Sadh kay sang n beega pair||
Sadh kay sang nahi ko manda||
Sadhsang janay Parmananda||
Sadh kay sang nahi hao taap||
Sadh kay sang tajay sabhaap||
Apey janay Sadh bagayi||
Nanak Sadh Prabh ban aayi||3||
Sadh kay sang n kabahu dhavay||
Sadh kay sang sada sukh pavay||
Sadh sang bassat agochar lahay||
Sadh kay sang ajjar sahay||
Sadj kay sang bassay than oochay||
Sadh kay sang mehal pahuchay||
Sadh kay sang drirhay sabh Dharam||
Sadh kay sang keval Parbaraham||
Sadh kay sang paye Naam nidhan||
Nanak Sadhu kay kurbaan||4||
Sadh kay sang sabh kul udharay||
Sadhsang saajan meet kutamb nistaray||
Sadhu kay sang so dhan pavay||
Jis dhan te sabh ko varsavay||
Sadhsang Dharamraye karey seva||
Sadhu kay sang sobha surdeva||
Sadhu kay sang paap palayen||
Sahdsang amrit gun gayen||
Sadh kay sang sarabh than gum||
Nanak Sadh kay sang saffal Janam||5||
Sadh kay sang n kachhu ghal||
Darshan bhettat hot nihaal||
Sadh kay sang kalookhat haray||
Sadh ka sang narak parharay||
Sadh kay sang iha ooha suhela||
Sadhsang bichharat Har mela||
Jo icchay soyi phal pavay||
Sadh kay sang n birtha javay||
Parbaraham Sadh ridh bassay||
Nanak udharay Sadh sun rassay||6||
Sadh kay sang sunao Har nao||
Sadh sang Har kay gun gao||
Sadh kay sang n mn te bissaray||
Sadh sang sarpar nisstaray||
Sadh kay sang lagay Prabh meetha||
Sadhu kay sang ghat ghat deetha||
Sadh sang bhaye agyakari||
Sadhsang gatt bhayi hamari||
Sadh kay sang mittay sabh rog||
Nanak sadh bhetey sanjog||7||
Sadh ka mehma bed n njaneh||
Jeta suneh teta bakhiyaney||
Sadh ki uppama tiho gunte door||
Sadh ki uppama rahi bharpoor||
Sadh ki sobha ka nahi ant||
Sadh ki sobha sada beant||
Sadh ki sobha ooch te oochi||
Sadh ki sobha mooch te moochi||
Sadh ki sobha Sadh ban aayi||
Nanak Sadh Prabh bhed n bhayi||8||7||
Mn sacha mukh sacha soye avar n pekhay ekass bin koye||
Nanak ih lachhan Baraham Gyani hoye||1||
Braham Gyani sada nirlep||
Jaisey jal meh kamal alep||
Braham Gyani sada nirdokh||
Jaisey soor sarb kao sokh||
Braham Gyani kay drishat samaan||
Jaisey raj rank kao lagay tul pavaan||
Braham Gyani kay dheeraj ek||
JIo basudha kaou khoday kaou chandan lep||
Braham Gyani ka ihay gunao||
Nanak jio paavak ka sehaj subhao||1||
Brahm Gyani nirmal te nirmala||
Jaisey mail n lagay jala||
Braham Gyani kay mn pargass||
Jaisey dhar uppar akash||
Braham Gyani kay mittar shattar samaan||
Brahan Gyani kay nahi abhiman||
Braham Gyani ooch te oocha||
Mn apna hai sabh te neecha||
Braham Gyani se jan bhaye||
Nanak jin Prabh aap karey||2||
Braham Gyani sagal ki reena||
aatam ras Braham Gyani cheena||
Braham Gyani ki sabhupper mayea||
Braham Gyani te kuchh bura n bhayea||
Braham Gyani sada samadarsi||
Braham Gyani ki drishti amrit barsi||
braham Gyani bandhan te mukta||
Braham Gyani ki nirmal jugta||
Braham Gyani ka bhojan gyan||
Nanak Braham Gyani ka Braham dhyan||3||
Braham Gyani ek oopar aas||
Braham Gyani ka nahi binaas||
Braham Gyani kay gareebi samaha||
Braham Gyani par upkaar umaha||
Braham Gyani kay nahi dhandha||
BrahamGyani lay dhavat bandha||
Baraham Gyani kay hoye su bhala||
Braham Gyani sufal fala||
Braham Gyani sang sagal udhar||
Nanak Braham Gyani jappay sagal sansar||4||
Braham Gyani kay ekay rang ||
Baraham Gyani kay bassay Prabh sang||
Braham Gyani kay naam aadhar ||
Braham Gyani kay Naam parvaar||
Braham Gyani sada sad jagat||
Braham Gyani ahan budh tyagat||
Braham Gyani kay mn parmanand||
Braham Gyani kay ghar sada anand||
Braham Gyani sukh sehaj nivaas||
Nanak Braham Gyani ka nahi binaas||5||
Braham Gyani Braham ka beta||
Braham Gyani ek sang heta||
Braham Gyani kay hoye achint||
Braham Gyani ka nirmal mant||
Braham Gyani jis karay Prabh aap||
Braham Gyani ka badd partaap||
Braham Gyani ka darash badbhagi payie||
Braham Gyani kao bal bal jayie||
Braham Gyani kao khojeh Maheshar||
Nanak Braham Gyani aap Parmeshar||6||
Braham Gayni ki keemat nahe||
Braham Gyani kay sagal mn mahe||
Braham Gyani ka kaono janay bhed||
Braham Gyani kao sada adesh||
Braham Gyani ka katheya na jaye adhakhar||
Braham Gyani sarb ka Thakur||
Braham Gyani ki mitt kaono baklhanay||
Braham Gyani ki gatt Braham Gyani janay||
Braham Gyani ka ant na paar||
Nanak Braham Gyani kao sada namaskar||7||
Braham Gyani sabh shrishti ka karta||
Braham Gyani sad jeevay nahi marta||
Braham Gyani mukat jugat jia ka data||
Braham Gyani pooran Purakh bidhata||
Braham Gyani anath ka nath||
Braham Gyani ka sabh upper hath||
Braham Gyani ka sagal akaar||
Braham Gyani aap Nirankaar||
Braham Gyani ki sobha Braham Gyani bani||
Nanak Braham Gyani sarb ka dhani||8||8||
Ur dharay jo antar Naam Sarb may pekhay Bhagwan||
Nimakh nimakh Thakur namaskaray Nanak oh aparas sagal nistaray||1||
Mithiya nahi rasna paras||
Mn meh preet niranjan daras||
Par tria roop n pekhay netar||
Sadh ki tehal Sant sang het||
Karan n sunay kahu ki ninda ||
Sabh te janay aapas kao manda||
Gurparsaad bikhiya parharay||
Mn ki baasana mn tey taray||
Inderi jitt panch dokh te rehat||
Nanak kot madhey ko aisa aparas||1||
Baisano so jis ooper suparsunn||
Bissan ki maya te hoye bhinn||
Karam karat hovay nihkaram||
Tiss baisano ka nirmal Dharam||
Kahu phal ki ichha nahi bachhay||
Keval Bhagat keeertan sang rachay||
Mn tan antar simran Gopal||
Sabh upper hovat kirpal||
Aap drirhey avareh Naam japavay||
Nanak oh baisano parmgat pavay||2||
Bhagaoti Bhagwant Bhagat ka rang||
Sagal tyagey dushat ka sang||
Mn te binsay sagla bharam||
Kar poojay sagal Parbaraham||
Sadh sang paapa mall khovay||
Tiss bhagaoti ki maat uttam hovay||
Bhagwant ki tehal karo nitt neet||
Mn tan arapay bissan preet||
Har key charan hirdday bassavay||
Nanak aisa Bhagaoti Bhagwant ko pavay||3||
So Pandit jo mn parbodhay||
Ram Naam aatam meh sodhay||
Ram Naam saar ras peevay||
Us Pandit kay updesh jug jeevay||
Har ki katha hirdday bassavay||
So Pandit phir jone n aavay||
Bed Puran simrat boojhay mool||
Sookham meh janay asthool ||
Chaho varna kao de updesh||
Nanak us Pandit kao sada adesh||4||
Beej mantar sarb ko gyan||
Chaho varna meh jappay kaou Naam||
Jo jo jappay tiss ki gatt hoye||
Sadh sang pavay jan koye||
Kar kirpa antar ur dharay||
Puss Pret mughad pathar kao taray||
Sarb rog ka aokhaad Naam||
Kalyan roop mangal gun gaam||
Kahu juggat kitay n payiay Dharam||
Nanak tiss milay jis likhiya dhur karam|5||
Jis kay mn Prabraham ka nivas||
Tis ka Naam satt Ramdaas||
Aatam Ram tis nadari aya||
Daas dasntan bhaye tin paya||
Sada nikkat nikkat Har jaan||
So daas dargah parvaan||
Appaney daas kao aap kirpa karay||
Tiss daas kao sabh sojhi paray||
Sagal sang aatam udaas||
Aisi juggat Nanak Ramdaas||6||
Prabh ki agya aatam hittavay||
Jeevan mukkat saou kahavay||
Taisa harakh taisa us sog||
Sada anand teh nahi bioag||
Taisa suvaran taisi us matti||
Taisa amrit tiasi bikh khati||
Taisa maan taisa abhimaan||
Taisa rank taisa raajan||
Jo vartaey sayi juggat||
Nanak oh Purakh kahiye jeevan mukkat||7||
Parbraham key sagaley thao||
Jitt jitt ghar rakhey taisa tinn nao||
Apey karan karavan jog||
Prabh bhavay soyi phun hog||
Passariyo aap hoye anat trang||
Lakhey n jahey Parbraham key rang||
Jaisi matt de taisa pargaas||
Parbraham karta abinaas||
Sada sada sada dayal||
Simmar simmar Nanak bhaye nihaal||8||9||
Usttat kareh anek jan ant na paravaar||
Nanak rachna Prabh rachi bahu bidh anik parkaar||1||
Kayi kot hoye poojari||
Kayi kot achar biohari||
Kayi kot bhaye teerath vasi||
Kayi kot ban bharmeh udassi||
Kayi kot Bed key sarotey||
Kayi kot tappisar hotey||
Kayi kot aatam dhyan dhareh||
Kayi kot kab kaab bichareh||
Kayi kot navtan Naam dhiaveh||
Nanak kartey ka ant n paveh||1||
Kayi kot bhaye abhimaani||
Kayi kot andh agyani||
Kayi kot kirpan kathor||
Kayi kot abhig aatam nikor||
Kayi kot par darb kao hiraheh||
Kayi kot par dookhna kareh||
Kayi kot maya saram mahey||
Kayi kot pardesh bharameh||
Jitt jitt lavahu titt titt lagana||
Nanak Kartey ki janay Karta rachna||2||
Kayi kot sidh jati jogi||
Kayi kot rajey ras bhogi||
Kayi kot pankhi sarap upaye||
Kayi kot paathar birakh nippjaye||
Kayi kot pavan pani baisantar||
Kayi kot desh bhoo mandal ||
Kayi kot sassiyar soor nakhattar||
Kayi kot Dev Danav Inder sir chhattar||
Sagal samagari appanay soot dharay||
Nanak jis jis bhavay tis tis nistaray||3||
Kayi kot raajas taamas saakat||
Kayi kot Bed Puran Simrat sur saasat||
Kayi kot kiye ratan samund||
Kayi kot nana parkaar jant||
kayi kot kiye chir jeevey||
Kayikot giri mer suvaran theevey||
Kayi kot jakkh kinnar pisaach||
Kayi kot bhoot pret sookar mrigach||
Sabh te nere sabhahu te door||
Nanak aap alippat reha bharpoor||4||
Kayi kot pataal ke vassi||
Kayi kot narak surag nivasi||
Kayi kot janameh maraheh||
Kayi kot baho joni phireh||
Kayi kot bhaithat hi khayeh||
Kayi kot ghaleh thakk paheh||
Kayi kot kiye dhanvant||
Kayi kot maya meh chint||
Jeh jeh bhana teh teh rakhey||
Nanak sabh kichh Prabhkay hathay||5||
Kayi kot bhaye bairagi||
Ram Naam sang tinn liv laagi||
Kayi kot Prabh kao khojantey||
Aatam meh Parbraham lahantey||
Kayi kot darshan Prabh pyas||
Tinn kao mileo Prabh abhinaas||
Kayi kot mageh Satt sang||
Parbraham tinn laaga rang||
Jinn kao hoye aap suparssan||
Nanak te jan sada dhan dhan||6||
Kayi kot khani aur khand||
Kayi lot Akash Brahamand||
Kayi kot hoye Avtaar||
kayi juggat keeno bisthar||
Kayi baar passariyo pasaar||
Sada sada ikk ekankaar||
Kayi kot keeney baho bhaat||
Prabh te hoye Prabh maheh samaat||
Ta ka ant n janay koye||
Aapey aap Nanak Prabh soye||7||
Kayi kot Parbraham ke dass||
Tinn hovat aatam pargass||
Kayi kot tatt ke betey||
Sada nihareh eko netarey||
Kayi kot Naam ras peeveh||
Amar bhaye sad sad hi jeeveh||
Kayi kot Naam gun gaveh||
Aatam ras sukh sehaj samaveh||
Appaney jan kao saas saas samarey||
Nanak oye Parmeshar ke pyare||8||10||
Karan kaaran Prabh ek hai doosar nahi koye||
Nanak tiss balihranay jal thal mahiyal soye||1||
Karan karaavan karanay jog||
Jo tiss bhavay soyi hog||
Khin meh thap utahpannhara||
Ant nahi kichh paravara||
Hukamey dhar adhar rahavay||
Hukamey uppajay hukam samavay||
Humamey ooch neech biohaar||
Hukamey anik rang parkaar||
Kar kar dekhay apani vadiayi||
Nanak sabh meh rahya samayi||1||
Prabh bhavay manukh gatt pavay||
Parbh bhavay ta patthar tarravay||
Prabh bhavay bin saas te rakhay||
Prabh bhavay ta Har gunbhakhay||
Prabh bhavay ta pattia udharay||
Aap karay aapan bicharay||
Duha siriya ka aap soami||
Khelay bigassay antaryami||
Jo bhavay so kaar karavay||
Nanak drishti avar n avay||2||
Kahu manukh te kiya hoye avay||
Jo tiss bhavay soyi karavay||
Iss kay hath hoye ta sabh kichh ley||
Jo tiss bhavay soyi karey||
Anjanat bikhiya meh rachay||
Jo jaanat aapan aap bachay||
Bharmey bhoola deh diss dhavay||
Nimakh mahe char kunt phir avay||
Kar kirpa jis apani Bhagat dey||
Nanak te jan Naam miley||3||
Khin meh neech keet kao raaj||
Parbraham gareeb nivaaj||
Ja ka drisht kachhu n avay||
Tiss tatkaal deh diss pargatavay||
Ja kao apani karay bakhshees||
Ta ka lekha n ganay Jagdeesh||
Jio pind sabh tiss ki raas||
Ghat ghat pooran Braham pargaas||
Apani banat aap banayi||
Nanak jeevay dekh badayi||4||
Iss ka bal nahi iss hath||
Karan karaavan sarb ko nath||
Agaykari bapura jiyo||
Jo tiss bhavay soyi phun thiyo||
Kabahu ooch neech meh bassay||
Kabahu sog harakh rang hassay||
Kabahu nind chind biohar||
Kabahu oobh akash payeyal||
Kabahu beta Braham bichar||
Nanak aap milavanhaar||5||
Kabahu nritt karay bahu bhat||
Kabahu soye rahey din raat||
Kabahu maha krodh bikraal||
Kabahu sarb ki hot ravaal||
Kabahu hoye bahay bad raaja||
Kabahu bhekhari neech ka saaja||
Kabahu apkeerat meh avay||
Kabahu bhala bhala kahavay||
Jio Prabh rakhay tiv hi rahay||
Gurparsaad Nanak sach kahay||6||
Kabahu hoye Pandit karey bakhan||
Kabahu moandhari lavay dhyan||
Kabahu tatt teerath issnaan||
Kabahu sidh sadhak mukh gyan||
Kabahu keet hassat patang hoye jiya||
Anik jone bharmay bharmiya||
Nana roop jio savagi dikhavay||
Jio Prabh bhavay tivay nachavay||
Jo tiss bhavay soyi hoye||
Nanak dooja avar n koye||7||
Kabahu Sadh sangat ih pavay||
Us asthan te bahur n avay||
Antar hoye gyan pargass||
Us asthan ka nahi binaas||
Mn tan Naam ratey ik rang||
Sada basseh Parbraham kay sang||
Jio jal meh jal aye khattana||
Tio joti sang jot samaana||
Mitt gaye gavan paye bishram||
Nanak Prabh kay sad kurbaan||8||11||
Sukhi bassay maskeeniya aap nivaar taley||
Badey badey ahankaariya Nanak garb galey||1||
Jis kay antar raaj abhimaan||
So narakapti hovat suaan||
Jo janay may jobanvant||
So hovat bissta  ka jant||
Aapas kao karamvant kahavay||
Janam maray bahu jone bharmavay||
Dhan bhoom ka jo karay gumaan||
So moorakh andha agyan||
Kar kirpa jis kay hiradday gareebi vassavay||
Nanak iha mukkat agay sukh pavay||1||
Dhanvanta hoye kar garbavay||
Trinn samaan kachhu sang a javay||
Bahu lashkar manukh ooper karey aas||
Pal bheetar ta ka hoye binaas||
Sabh te aap janay batwant||
Khin meh hoye jaye bhasmant||
Kissay n baday aap ahankaari||
Dharamraye tiss karey khuari||
Gurparsaad ja ka mittay abhimaan||
So jan Nanak dargah parvaan||2||
Kot karam karey hao dharay||
Saram pavay sagalay biratharay||
Anik tapassya karey ahankaar||
Narak surag phir phir Avtaar||
Anik jatan kar aatam nahi dravay||
Har dargah kahu kaisey gavay||
Aapas kao jo bhala kahavay||
Tisseh bhalayi nikkat n avay||
Sarb ki ren ja ka mn hoye|
Kahu Nanak ta ki nirmal soye||3||
Jab lag janay mujh te kachhu hoye||
Tab iss kao sukh nahi koye||
Jab ih janay may kicch karta||
Tab lag garabh jone meh phirta||
Jab dharay kaou bairi meet||
Tab lag nihchal nahi cheet||
Jab lag moh magan sang maye||
Tab lag Dharamraye dey sajaye||
Prabh kirpa te bandhan tootay||
Gurparsaad Nanak haou chhootay||4||
Sehas khatey  lakh kao uth dhavay||
Tripatt n avay maya pachhay pavay||
Anik bhog bikhiya ke karay||
Nah tripptavay khap khap maray||
Bina santokh nahi kaou raajay||
Suppan manorath birathey sabh kajay||
Naam rang sarb sukh hoye||
Badbhagi kissay prapatt hoye||
Karan karavan appey aap|
Sada sada Nanak Har jaap||5||
Karan karaavan karanayhaar||
Iss kay hath kaha beechar||
Jaisi drishti karey taisa hoye||
Aapey aap aap Prabhsoye||
Jo kichhu keeno su apanay rang||
Sabh te door sabahu kay sang||
Bujhay dekhay karay bibek||
Aapeh ek aapeh anek||
Marray n binsay avay n jaye||
Nanak sad hi rahya samaye||6||
Aap updeshay samajhay aap||
Aapey ravhiya sabh kay sath||
Aap keeno aapan bisthar||
Sabh kacchu us ka oh karnayhaar||
Us te bhinn kahuh kichh hoye||
Than dhanantar ekay soye||
Appaney chalitt aap karnayhaar||
Kaottak karay rang aapaar||
Mn meh aap mn appaney mahe||
Nanak kemat kahun n jaye||7||
Sat Sat Sat Prabh soami||
Gurparsaad kinay vakhiyani||
Sach Sach Sach sabh keena||
Kot madhey kinay birlay cheena||
Bhala bhala bhala tera roop||
Att sunder apaar anoop||
Nirmal nirmal nirmal teri Bani||
Ghat ghat suni sarvan bakhani||
Pavittar pavittar pavittar pueet||
Naam japay Nanak mn preet||8||12||
Sant saran jo jan paray So jan udharanhaar||
Sant ki ninda Nanaka bahur bahur Avtaar||1||
Ashtpadi ||
Sant kay dookhan aarja ghatay||
Sant kay dookhan jum te nahi chhuaty||
Sant kay dookhan sukh sabh jaye||
Sant kay dookhan narak meh paye||
Sant kay dookhan matt hoye maleen||
Sant kay dookhan sobha te heen||
Sant ke hatey kao rakhay n koye||
Sant kay dookhan than bharashat hoye||
Sant kripal kirpa je katrey||
Nanak Sant sang nindak bhee taray||1||
Sant ke dookhan te mukh bhavay||
Santan kay dookhan kaag jio lavay||
Santan kay dookhan sarap jone paye||
Sant kay dookhan trigad jone kirmaye||
Santan kay dookhan trishna meh jalay||
Sant kay dookhan sabh ko chhalay||
Sant kay dookhan tej sabh jaye||
Sant kay dookhan neech nachaye||
Sant dokhi ka thao ko nahi||
Nanak Sant bhavay ta oye bhee gatt paye||2||
Sant ka nindak maha attatayi||
Sant ka nindak khin tikkan n payi||
Sant ka nindak maha hatiyara||
Sant ka nindak Parmeshar mara||
Sant ka nindak raj te heen||
Sant ka nindak dukhiya aur deen||
Sant ke nindak kao sarb rog||
Sant ke nindak kao sada bijog||
Sant ki ninda dokh meh dokh||
Nanak Sant bhavay ta us ka bhee hiye mokh||3||
Sant ka dokhi sada apavitt||
Sant ka dokhi kisay ka nahi mitt||
Sant kay dokhi kao daan lagay||
Sant ke dokh kao sabh tiyagay||
Sant ka dokhi maha ahankari||
Sant ka dokhi sada bikari||
Sant ka dokhi janamay marray||
Sant ki dookhna sukh te taray||
Sant ke dokhi kao nahi thao||
Nanak sant bhavay ta laye milaye||4||
Sant ka dokhi addh beech te tootay||
Sant ka dokhi kittay kaaj n pahuchay||
Sant ke dokhi kao uddiyan bharmaiye||
Sant ka dokhi ujhaarh paiay||
Sant ka dokhi anatr te thotha||
Jio saas bina mirttak ki lotha||
Sant ke dokhi ki jarh kichh nahe||
Aapan beej aapey hi khahe||
Sant ke dokhi kao avar n rakhanhaar||
Nanak Sant bhavay ta laye ubbar||5||
Sant ka dokhi eo billaye||
Jio jal bihun machhali tarhpharhaye||
Sant ka dokhi bhookha nahi rajay||
Jio pavak eedhan nahi dharapay||
Sant ka dokhi chhuttay ikela||
Jio buaarh til khet mahe duhela||
Sant ka dokhi Dharam te rehat||
Sant ka dokhi sadd mithiya kehat||
Kirrat nindak ka dhur hi paeya||
Nanak jo tiss bhavay soyi thiya||6||
Sant ka dokhi bigarh roop hoya jaye||
Sant ke dokhi kao Dargeh milay sajaye||
Sant ka dokhi sada sahakaiye||
Sant ka dokhi n maray n jeevaiye||
Sant ke dokhi ki pujjay n aasa||
Sant ka dokhi utth chalay nirasa||
Sant kay dokh n trishatay koye|
Jaisa bhavay taisa koyi hoye||
Paeya kirat n metay koye||
Nanak janay sacha soye||7||
Sabh ghat tiss key uh karanayhaar||
Sada sada tiss kao Namaskaar||
Prabh ki usttat karaho din raat||
Tisseh dhiavaho saad girass||
Sabh kachh vartay tiss ka kiya||
Jaisa karay taisa ko thiya||
Apna khel aap karnayhaar||
Doosar kaon kahay beechar||
Jis no kirpa karay tiss apan Naam dey||
Badbhagi Nanak jan sey||8||13||
Tajaho siyanap sur janoh simaroh Har Har raye||
Ek aas Har mn rakhaho Nanak dookh bharam bhao jaye||1||
Manukh ki tek birthi sabh jaan||
Devan kao ekay Bhagwan||
Jis kay diye rahay aghaye||
Bahur n trishna lagay aye||
Marray rakhay eko aap||
Manukh kay kichh nahi hath||
Tiss ka hukam boojh sukh hoye||
Tiss ka Naam rakh kanth paroye||
Simar simar simar Prabh soye||
Nanak bighan n lagay koye||1||
Usttat mn meh kar Nirankar||
Kar mn mere Satt biohaar||
Nirmal rasna Amrit pio||
Sada suhela kar lay jio||
Nehano pekh Thakur ka rang||
Sadh sang binsay sabh sang||
Charan chaloh marag Gobind||
Mitteh paap jappiye Har bind||
Kar Har karam sarvan Har katha ||
Har dargeh Nanak oojal matha||2||
Badbhagi te jan jug mahe||
Sada sada Har ke gun gahe||
Ram Naam jo kareh beechar||
So dhanvant gani sansar||
Mn tan mukh boleh Har mukhi||
Sada sada janaho te sukhi||
Eko ek ek pachhanay||
Itt itt ki oh sojhi janay||
Naam sang jis ka mn maneya||
Nanak tineh Niranjan janeya||3||
Gurparsaad aapan aap sujhay||
Tis ki janaho trishna bujhay||
Sadh sang Har Har jas kehat||
Sarb rog te Har jan rehat||
Andin keertan keval bakhan||
Grissat meh soyi nirbaan|
Ek oopar jis jan ki aasa||
Tiss ki kattiye jum ki phasa||
Parbraham ki jis mn bhookh||
Nanak tiseh n lagay dookh||4||
Jis kao Har Prabh mn chitt avay||
So Sant suhela nahi dylavay||
Jis Prabh apani kirpa karay||
So sevak kaho kis te daray||
Jaisa sa taisa drishtaya||
Apaney karaj meh aap samaya||
Sodhat sodhat sodhat sijhiya||
Gurparsaad tatt sabh boojhiya||
Jab dekhao tab sabh kichh mool||
Nanak so sookham soyi asthool||5||
Neh kichh janamay neh kichh maray||
Aapan chalitt aap hi karay||
Aavan jaavan drishat andrishat ||
Agyakaari dhari sabh shrisht||
Aapey aap sagal meh aap||
Anik jugat rach thap uthap||
Abinasi nahi kichh khand||
Dharan dhar rahiyo Brahmand||
Alakh abhev Purakh partaap||
Aap japaye ta Nanak jaap||6||
Jin Prabh jata su sobhavant||
Sagal sansar udharay tin mant||
Prabh ke sevak sagal udharan||
Prabh ke sevak dookh bisaran||
aapey mel laye kirpal||
Gur ka Shabad japp bhaye nihaal||
Un ki seva soyi lagay||
Jis no kirpa karay badbhagay||
Naam japat paveh bisraam